This is how to run a stick of Chapstick
down the black boxes on your scantron
so the grading machine skips the wrong
answers. This is how to honor roll. Hell,
this is how to National Honor Society.
This is being voted “Most Likely to Marry
for Money” or “Talks the Most, Says the
Least” for senior superlatives. This is
stepping around the kids having panic
attacks in the hallway. This is being the
kid having a panic attack in the hallway.
This is making the A with purple moons
stamped under both eyes. We had to try.
This is telling the ACT supervisor you have
ADHD to get extra time. Today, the average
high school student has the same anxiety
levels as the average 1950’s psychiatric
patient. We know the Pythagorean theorem
by heart, but short-circuit when asked
“How are you?” We don’t know. We don’t
know. That wasn’t on the study guide.
We usually know the answer, but rarely
know ourselves.

HIGH SCHOOL By Blythe Baird (via blythebrooklyn)

Books don’t offer real escape, but they can stop a mind scratching itself raw.
David Mitchell - Cloud Atlas (via bookporn)

She loved mysteries so much that she became one.
Paper Towns, John Green

Writing is something you do alone. It’s a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don’t wanna make eye contact while telling it.
John Green (via inkheartsilence)

There are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. There’s .1 and .12 and .112 and an infinite collection of others. Of course, there is a bigger infinite set of numbers between 0 and 2, or between 0 and a million. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. A writer we used to like taught us that. There are days, many of them, when I resent the size of my unbounded set. I want more numbers than I’m likely to get, and God, I want more numbers for Augustus Waters than he got. But, Gus, my love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful.
The Fault In Our Stars, John Green (via aspirethesenses)

Interviewer: Tell me about your character in this film.
Tom Hiddleston: Let me begin with a quote from Shakespeare...
Benedict Cumberbatch: Do you want the long and thoughtful answer, or the long and thought provoking answer?
Andrew Garfield: The word "character" can be interpreted in many different ways.
Jennifer Lawrence: CAKE BALLS.
David Tennant: I'll quote a poem and be all Scottish and adorable.
Alex Kingston: That reminds me of a sexual innuendo- oops, I just made an innuendo, didn't I.
Arthur Darvill: I wrote a song about that on my vintage harmonica.
Matt Smith: Did you just say "Karen Gillan?" Because, you know, your question made me think of something that happened yesterday, when Kazza and I were platonically hanging out on the bed in her hotel room...

[My friend] James McAvoy was walking through Leicester Square and this big guy just picked him up and licked his face. Can you imagine? And that’s not (he starts to laugh) because he’s short and lickable - he’s not got a lollypop head. It’s only because he’s on the telly.

Benedict Cumberbatch on fame-related weird goings on in London (via chiefmauskateer)

Sorry, Benedict, but you’re wrong - it really is because he’s short and lickable.

(via papercutperfect)

this is kinda hilarious but at the same time horrifying omg poor james D:

(via suavebadass)

Books are for people who wish they were somewhere else.
Mark Twain (via larmoyante)

She’s like smoke. You think you’re seeing her clearly enough, but when you reach for her there’s nothing there.
Ryu Murakami

(via quietlydevoured)

That smile could end wars and cure cancer.
John Green (An Abundance of Katherines)

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